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    Few of suggestion bellow have been requested by other players already im just refreshing it:)
    1. Hunter skills.
    We all know catching implings takes way too long and this is the only way to train hunter without lamps.
    so why not just buff the xp of impling by x5 and add few more imps ingame wouldnt be too hard i guess
    Or maybe add chinchompa wich is way better xp.
    Demonic gorilla.
    It been a while we have demonic gorilla ingame and they're coded right. But it not really worth killing em... I already suggested this before on adding Zenyte shards from drop table. It will be used to make : Amulet of torture, Anguish necklace, Ring of suffering and tormented bracelet.
    Also you should add : Ballista spring, Ballista limbs, monkey tails, and Heavy frame , this will be used to make a Heavy ballista. I think adding all the pieces to make the ballista will make it more rare to get since it's kinda op and price will be much high on it. Anyways i think they already working on that.
    Twisted Bow. ye .. i know alot of people making thread about it because it's only used to kill zulrah and dagannoth prime. you guys probably working on that already so im just refreshing it. So here a list of bosses where twisted bow should be buffed. Commander zilyana (sara boss) , General graardor ( bandos boss ) , Nex boss, King black dragon, Callisto ( maybe ), corporal beast ,Avatar of destruction and avatar of creation.
    4. Dragon claws.
    Honestly rng on dragon claws is just random ... I think accuracy buff would be a good thing also take off the delay on the second special attack.

    @Aleksandr , @King julius :D

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