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    Hi guys this is your official Soulplay forum guide. It will tell you what each section and subsection means and what you can post in them. This will hopefully speed up your process and help you on your way to posting on the forums. NOTE: you can click the subtitles to go to those specific sections.
    So to start with we have the
    Soulsplit 3 Official Section
    • News and announcements: This is where you will find information about promotions/demotions within the staff team and also information about the development and what new things have been added/fixed each week. This is a good place to find out more about who everyone is and what is going on within the community in and out of game. Only members of soulplay staff team have the permissions to post a thread in here. Sorry!
    • Feedback: Noticed something good or bad about a staff member? Have a suggestion to improve how someone works or how the game is played? or do you just want something else added? give it a shot and post in here to notify the staff team and their developers. You never know your suggestion may be implemented! Any suggestions you have across the board should go here.
    • Knowledge Base: Here you can find important information regarding the soulplay rules, donator benefits and other useful information about the game and forums. This is different from news and announcements so make sure you take a look.
    Community Forums
    • The red carpet: This section is where you can introduce yourself or check out any other new players. Great way to meet new people. You can also say goodbye here if you must. We hope that doesn't happen though!
    • General Discussion: This section is where you can post your latest achievements, goals, and soulsplit related thoughts. You can also post events that you are hosting here, so that it raises awareness.
    • Community Media: Any soulplay related images or videos go here. Be it PK vids or funny videos let us see them in this section. Video/picture guides go in the guide section as I will clarify later in this guide.
    • Guides: You can post a useful guide for the community to see in here, with images or video it works best. You can also find guides to do with skilling, pvm, minigames, quests, pvp guides and misc. This will help you to max your levels quickly and efficiently using the best guides out there made by the community.
    • Clans: This is where you can recruit people for your clan or even join a clan. Any other clan related talk goes here and here only. We would love to see more clans join soulplay!
    • Marketplace: This is an important section because a lot of the time someone will post about buying or selling an item in the shoutbox. Use this section for that. It has a buying and selling section where users can sell an inventory of items easier by simply uploading an image. Keep any marketing in this section please.
    Staff Applications
    • Application template: Here you can find the official soulplay application template. This covers any server position you may want to acquire as you go. Make sure you stick to the template when applying as your application may be declined otherwise.
    • Server submissions: Want to join our in-game team? Apply in here. Be sure to get the right section when applying. Good luck!
    • Forum submissions: Want to join the forum team? Apply in here. Good luck to you!
    Support Center
    • Support: Here you can ask any questions you may have and request forum ranks that are linked to your in-game account. You may need screenshots as proof for forum ranks linked with in-game.
    • Report a bug: It's in the name. Got a bug? let the development team know directly by posting it in here. Don't keep it to yourself as they are quick to fixing these. Thanks for those who have reported a bug so far in soulplay.
    • Report a player: Here you can report a player for breaking a rule in-game or on the forums. be sure to add full client screenshots when doing so so that the staff team can look into it and sort the issue promptly. Small fractions of a chat box wouldn't help too much as it could be from elsewhere etc. There is also a sub-section to report a staff member if need be!
    • Submit an appeal: Have you been banned, jailed or muted? submit an appeal here and hopefully you will be dealt with accordingly. Good luck!
    Soulsplit 3 Miscellaneous
    • Spam: Threads that don't have a board, or are useless in some sort of manner can be placed here.
    • Media: Any unrelated videos, songs or images you want to share with the community go here. This is a great section for socialising and sharing interests outside of the game. Be careful not to advertise other games in here.
    • Graphic arts: Are you an upcoming graphics designer? or do you do it for a hobby? showcase your best art here and give each other some constructive feedback to better yourselves in this area. You can also request graphics here from people. Great way to get cool signatures and avatars.
    • Gaming: Post your content on other games here. Ps4 and Xbox one stuff is welcome in this section. But be sure to post it in this section only. Never know, you might find a new gaming buddy.
    • Off topic discussion: Need some irl advise or just want to talk about an experience you've had in your real life out of game? post it here. You'd be surprised how understanding people can be!

    Be sure to post in the correct sections. If you continue to post in the wrong areas you will be notified by a member of the forum team. This was just something I threw together to help out @Julia .

    Thank you for reading and happy posting-


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