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    Greetings Soulplay,
    This is the official list of Dicers/Gamblers/Stakers that we as a staff team have decided are able to be trusted by our community. To be added to this list, these players must have absolutely NO history of scams & must have been active in the gambling community for a large period of time. The staff team as a whole have thoroughly looked into these players issues with gambling and have come to a conclusive agreement that they are trustable, earning them the official
    [Trusted Dicer] / [Trusted Middleman] title in-game.

    We have introduced a new rank/title to the gambling community, this will be Trusted Middleman.
    If you wish to place a bet or gamble with another player that is NOT a Trusted Dicer, then a Trusted Middleman is expected to be used. These players are trusted by the staff team and are closely monitored. If a trusted middleman is not used then you will NOT be refunded if you are scammed or lose any money/items due to gambling unless you have concrete proof.
    Trusted Dicers are members of the dicing community that have earned the trust of the staff team and are trusted to hold their own pots when being bet on, HOWEVER they are no longer permitted to hold pots/bet for other players or hosts, this role is now taken by Trusted Middleman titles.

    In addition: Players with [Trusted Dicer] will have the corresponding Forum Userbar.

    Trusted Dicers

    Angel Ranger
    Call Meh Pro
    Classic Sk
    Kik ur bum
    Onset legend

    Trusted Middlemen
    President Geoff

    Liquid Flame


    It is of the upmost importance to us that this list is kept accurate. Therefore, removal of names from this list is always possible.
    If you have issues with any of the names on this list, please submit a player report including evidence to back up your claims.

    • Offence #1 : Ban and/or removal of dice from all accounts depending on severity (at staff discretion).
    • Offence #2 : Permanent ban from Soulplay with no chance of appealing.

    Application Process
    Contact Immortal for further information.
    To apply for Trusted Dicer please message Immortal and meet the following criteria;
    • 6 months hosting with a dice bag - OR - 4 active months with no breaks hosting
    • Very little to no history of being a toxic player.
    • No reports of scamming on your account or any accounts associated with you.
    To apply for Trusted Middleman please message Immortal and meet the following criteria;
    • Very little to no history of being a toxic player.
    • No reports of scamming on your account or any accounts associated with you.
    • Be an active part of the dice or duel community for atleast 4 months.

    Important information
    All Trusted Dicers will have the in-game title - [Trusted Dicer]
    All Trusted Middlemen will have the in-game title - [Trusted Middleman]

    If you're scammed at duel arena or at dice, please provide full video proof or a series of screenshots in a player report, and we will look into the possibility of refunding your lost items.
    Please read the popup boxes when you teleport to either ::dice or ::duel, failure to follow the instruction could result in no assistance being given should a scam occur.

    Anyone caught impersonating (having a name related to the host/pretending to be the host and being in the gambling site) a trusted dicer will be severely punished:
    • Offence #1 : Permanent account ban.
    • Offence #2 : Permanent IP ban.
    Giving yourself a trusted title via the in-game title command, or pretending to be trusted by saying something like "I'm trusted they just haven't added me to the list yet" will result in the same punishments as host impersonating.

    Related Links to Gambling Rules (Credits to @Eve):

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