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    Welcome to the official thread for the "Graphic Designer Rank". Here will show the points that users have accumulated for their work. Those that have had this rank in the past wore it with little significance. But if you would like to earn it properly, and have a reason to show off your GFX Rank.. Well now you can!

    If someone has requested for a "Signature, Avatar" or anything else, it will be monitored by a moderator assigned to moderate that section. If a user has completed the request, then that user will get a (+1) to their Graphical Score.

    There wont always be someone requesting. And sometimes people don't feel like taking requests, but instead making work on their own terms. This is not a set-back however! If you've uploaded an image or a set, and if it's up to a specific standard you will still be able to get your (+1) to your Graphical Score. Any images you claim to be yours has to be your work. It's very easy to search images these days, don't try to cheat the system.

    10 Graphical Score (The title of GFX rank)
    30 Graphical Score (10 Donation Points)
    50 Graphical Score (10 Donation Points + 500M In-game)
    75 Graphical Score (15 Donation Points + 500M In-game)
    100 Graphical Score (21 Donation Points + Permanent GFX Rank)

    Those that're deemed too inactive will have points taken away from them. Anything more than a month of being inactive is something to take note of. This applies to the GFX rank too, if you've spent quite a long time from the 'Graphic Arts' section of the forum then you might be questioned. If a response is not met then it might subject to you losing your rank.

    User Graphical Score
    - 50ShedsofHay [16]

    Kind regards,
    SoulPlay Forum Staff Team.

    Thank you @Its Ryan Son for the idea & banner.

    *If you want to be eligible for GFX rank, contact a moderator to add you to the list.
    **Current GFX artists have had their ranks removed for it to be fair.
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