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    When requesting artwork, ALWAYS include a member of our Forum staff team in your conversation.
    [ @Max @Sophie @Chuchuz @Kobo ]

    We cannot stress this enough. PLEASE include one of us in your conversation. If you come to us about a scam, or anything of sort it's going to be much easier for us to resolve your issue if we have been involved in the process of the request.

    Staff can middle-man in-game payments for GFX work if you're not comfortable with upfront payments.
    Our list of staff members can be found HERE.

    This is a list of GFX designers that our staff team feel have earned the official GFX Designer rank.
    This rank is earned through the quality of the artists work & their activity within the GFX section of the Soulplay Forums.



    Any questions or concerns don't hesitate to send any of our Forum Staff a private message.

    Kind regards,
    Soulplay Staff Team.​
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