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Discussion in 'SoulPlay Suggestions' started by reflexxx, Dec 2, 2019.

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    I have been on this server for quite a long time now and I've seen a decline in server activity so here is my suggestions to make some changes and getting more people to play.

    1. Dragon bolts with its enchanted variants.
    Reason: Why not? Would give more options in pvp and pvm

    2. Add a Prestige 4 that comes with with goodies like how P3 came with sir owens and increase drop rate.
    Reason: Bragging rights and would bring back some of the P3 players that has been away which would bring quite a few people back. Also gives more of a reason to level stats up after hitting P3.

    3. Make hybrid and decorative gears bonus work in PVM and other minigames too instead of just cw/sw. Basically everywhere but Wildy.
    Reason: Still unavailable through wilderness so should not effect pk. Would also give more of a reason to do minigames other than for lamps. Pvmers would grind out minigames for gears. Gives more of a purpose.

    4. Instead of needing for full set for the 15% bonus with hybrid gear, give 2% bonus for each piece worn totaling 8% for 4 piece or 15% bonus for full set.
    Reason: A full set is one hell of a grind, I think having piece by piece will motivate someone to only grind minigames more. Also, think this would go great if hybrid gears work with pvm and other non sw/cw minigames.

    5. Add Avernic Defender
    Reason: Better defender and more content. Theatre of blood for example. (Never done Theatre of blood and dont know what it is but do know thats where you get the hilt for defender) or add it anywhere, maybe new boss or something.

    6. Add Obby armor.
    Reason: More reason for low level PK instead of the 24/7 max level pk. Low level PK is dead.

    7. A message on screen that says event is on such as the LMS one and PK tournament.
    Reason: Well, no spam in chat and everyone will most likely see it. Not everyone yelling.

    8. An actual helper rank in charge of helping new players start the game by showing them tips, advices, pvm with them, duo slayer, helping them boss etc.
    Reason: People who start a server and not really know how to play the server tend to just quit in less than the first hour. Its nice to have a guide showing you around and helping you in stuff. Basically a friend/helper. I think they would most likely stay on server than someone who starts out blindly. All the current helpers jobs are answer questions in help chat and thats all. The future of soulplay is in the people.
    *IDK about #8 one but just a thought*

    Big thing that is I think hybrid and decorative gears work everywhere but wildy would be great, I thought about why not just change it back to 3v3 for minigames to start? It will get minigames going but would not have a big enough impact on bringing people back, basically the same 6 people on server grinding out CW/SW. Changing Hybrid/decorative gears to work all world excluding wildy will just give people more of a reason to play minigames or come back to server to collect hybrid/decorative gears to PVM. Just make the bonuses always active but teleports you back out of wildy when you enter wildy with hybrid equipment or decorative equipment.

    Prestige 4 would be great, It will bring back a few P3 players who had stopped playing to come back to take on a new challenge. It would be also motivate people who love to prestige if you add a new item to reaching P4. Not sure what item would that be but maybe... A ring that gives tormented bracelet, necklace of anguish, and ammy of torture stats all into one necklace? Idk but a ring of some sort that gives some stats or a bonus or something. I honestly would love to see a ring that gives somewhere 5%-15% increase damage though.
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    What this server needs is @King Julius to start coding again.
    He's been MIA ( for months if not years now.
    No updates will happen with no devs.
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