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    Hey all! It's been a long while since we last did a paper, and recently there have been a great deal of patches, updates, and development going on across the community. That said I'm gonna compile all of the recent updates here for your reading pleasure!
    Client Changes
    • Fixed delay of item drag
    • Fixed Zoom when spell is selected
    • Inventory option caching.
    • Drop option to noted pots added.
    • Bank All option added to bank stalls right click option.
    • Added toggle to Empty Vial called "Toggle Vial Break"
    • Added toggle for Combat Box in SoulPlay Toggles in settings tab. Stored it to save in settings also.

    Server Changes
    • Rewrote Woodcutting. If you guys feel that certain logs are taking too long/short to cut compared to OSRS, lmk
    • Winner of Mass LMS Event will be displayed on website
    • Allow Ironman to claim OSRS Coin from Mass LMS events
    • Fixed Crystal Burst hitting player on the same tick as he stepped off it. Similar thing done to great olm Burn spell.
    • Increased RNG on Great Olm's phase special attacks.
    • Fixed animations and graphics on Great Olm Head and Left Claw.
    • Left Claw heal spell reduced from 20 ticks to 15 ticks. Basically around 9 seconds.
    • Made Raids deplete run energy
    • Increased Drop Value for Phats, Masks, and top hat.
    • Added spawn table items for Pure NH tournament.
    • Improved LMS event and PK Tournament announcements.
    • Lowered PK Tournament timer to start fighting when inside arena from 2 minutes to 1 minute.
    • Rigour and Augury are unlocked inside PK Tournament.
    • Changed Crystal Key rarity from UNCOMMON to COMMON
    • Added runecrafting Astral Runes.
    • Added delay to adding names to blacklist.
    • Added Lava Dragon Mask to first place of Seasonal PK Ranking Reward
    • Added 4 strength to Lava Dragon Mask
    • Fixed chicken attack emote
    • Removed unfreeze when going upstairs/downstairs.
    • Fixed Lumbridge Quest interface not displaying when finishing quest.
    • Fixed removing Wheat when picking it up.
    • Fixed bones on Chaos altar. Won't stop task until all bones are used up.
    • You can buy stuff from Grim Reaper using your MoneyPouch
    • Made North side of Revenant cave single combat zone.
    • Fixed vengeance delay being applied at the wrong time.
    • Fixed Bullwark animations/graphics for attacks.
    • Fixed players being kicked out pk tournament instantly on death.
    • Added a boxing preset to PK Tournaments. It's just boxing, nothing else.
    • Deposit Box banks all of your Equipment and Inventory.
    • Using items on bank stalls will automatically Note/Unnote your items in your inventory.
    • Switch Deep Wilderness Dungeon to OSRS map with the crevice shortcut.
    • Fixed some more double doors.
    • Fixed Wildy ship ladder
    • Fixed bank at Clan Wars.
    • Fixed getting stuck at wildy agility rock climb.
    • Added Rope and Ladder plugin.
    • Ignore naked players for target system.
    • Speed scrolls added, they don't work in wild.
    • Fixed Food in PVP sets from spawn tab.
    • Implemented the Right click Wilderness Obelisks to teleport to specific locations.
    • Removed Multi Zone from dungeon near mage bank
    • Removed Pickpocket guards from Easts and Wests and added them to Resource Area.
    • Added new command
      • ::lb
      • ::chins
      • ::revs - changed coordinates
    • Dark bow Special attack requires 55% energy again.
    • Increased Dragon Scimitar Special accuracy boost from 15% to 20%
    • Korasi Special attack accuracy boost increased from 60% to 80% and maxhit from 45% to 55%
    • Movement Speed scrolls added to random vote rewards and SoulWars/CastleWars shops
    • Easter event removed.
    • Crazy Archaeologist
    • Muddy Key/Chest. Some things obtained from it are
      • 10-30 Mithril seeds. 100% rate
      • Dwarven helmet and axe from it. Rate is 1/1001
      • 1-2 PVP Items
      • 100% chance for random junk
    • Raids Hiscores added. Website page coming soon.
    • You can now tell your pets to attack monsters by using Bolt Pouch on the monster you want your pet to attack.
    • Fixed revenant cave safe zone
    • Fixed Great Olm Left claw spells not following the proper cycle.
    • Lowered Great Olm's Crystal Burst spell damage from 25-50 to 20-35
    • Fixed CastleWars price for flash scrolls.
    • Fixed Barbarian Agility Clue
    • Fixed hard clue scroll north of castlewars lobby.
    • Fixed clue scroll in draynor that required crying emote.
    • Fixed losing one item when noting/unnoting items using item on bank stalls.
    • Disabled Members only prayers in F2p Tournament.
    • Removed Nex HP Overheal in Edge Pk zone.
    • Removed 10% strength boost from turmoil from opponent's strength level in wilderness.
    • Fixed scorpia guards healing scorpia forever.
    • Removed a ton of Legacy NPC attack emotes.
    • Added fire spell to the blue wizards.
    • Changed god spells to use the 667 animations instead of osrs animations. The only change seen is on the feet.
    • Improved broadcast messages for PK and LMS tournaments.
    • Changed the rate of higher lvl trees to be harder to cut.
    • Fixed hard clue scroll north of castlewars lobby.
    • Gu'Tanoth gates open and you can jump over battlement and such.
    • Added access to the dungeon at Jiggig. Nothing is there yet, might want to suggest something.
    • Rewrote Mining and Theiving for Castlewars to match osrs better.
    • Fixed Daily Tasks that required leather crafting
    • Added warmonger pet melee and magic attacks.
    • Mining Helmet added to crazy archaeologist. Use tinderbox on it to light it.
    • Added message to let players know master casket is not coded yet.
    • Server crash fix
    • Fixed Archaeologists ranged defense
    • Fixed Pet combat file
    • Fixed typo in rev cave that caused it to be safe zone in north side.
    • Upgraded SQL
    • Fixed Boxing Preset in PK Tournament.
    • Added checked partyhat. Will include ingame some time soon.
    • Allow ironman to buy from Edmond's cape shop and Thes fine clothes store.
    • Fixed Clue scroll at Black Knight's fortress.
    • Added traveling to ardy west side by clicking on doors.
    • Increased buy price on void in Reaper Shop.
    • Made Great Olm's Phase special attacks less random.
    • Added Personal Best time to raids.
    • Fixed black chinchompas equip to not act like a 2h weapon.
    • Increased teleport timer when using special attack on a player in edge wildy.
    • Doubled the recovery rate of Rest. If you take damage, then your Rest gets reset.
    • Removed some code from zulrah that reset player's stats. Forgot to remove this when i made Zulrah no longer minigame/safedeath
    • Made a bit of progress from hard resetting players when removing from minigames or during death.
    • Changed Olm's phase special attacks to be every 7-23 attack cycles instead of 7-14 cycles
    • Stop killing pets with bolt pouch
    • Added access to Champions guild.
    • Allow pet combat using bolt pouch in Champion's Guild underground.
    • Added Mithril seeds to NH Tournaments.
    • Made Mithril seeds force move player. If frozen player will still move with mith seed plant.
    • Fixed a broken clue
    • Ahrim staff fixed to be one handed
    • Lowered tick rate of lock picking at castlewars side door.
    • Turmoil 10% opponent str boost is added back, but for DH set, it's 5% instead of 10%
    • Fixed Deep Wild Dungeon wilderness zone
    • Fixed Void deflector not going into grim reaper shop
    Recently some staff changes have occurred.

    @santa c1aus from Player to [​IMG] Server Support
    @Jay Roll has resigned from [​IMG] Server Moderator to Player

    Congrats Santa and welcome to the Staff Team :)
    Best of luck to you in the future, Jay :)

    This week I'd like to include a Staff Statement in light of some of the recent events felt across our Server, Forums, and Discord, and it pertains to toxicity and flame across all the of the prior listed. Please remember that if you see any member of the Soulplay community being overly toxic to report them, whether they are Staff, Donor, or F2P Player, we all need to start cutting back on the negativity within the Community. Having a terrible attitude creates unnecessary issues between player to player, and further really affects how our players view the community as a whole. Remember to use the proper reporting section and provide clear evidence (Video, Screenshots, .GIFs) so that we as a team can properly investigate the situation and enforce our community rules if necessary. You can find all of our reporting sections here.
    This time the video of the week goes to @Myrmidon, who captured the end of a massive kill streak. Congrats on the accomplishment guys.

    Remember to link your email to your in-game account for self account recoveries! You can do so via ::ucp in-game!
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    sweet nice job all the effort to put i into this 3x gnomes from me :gnome: :gnome: :gnome:
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    What clue?

    Congrats Santa

    Thanks @Aozaki, another fine read.
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