Most Traded Items

1 Feather  Feather 52.4M
2 Bag of salt  Bag of salt 11M
3 Zulrah's scales  Zulrah's scales 5.3M
4 Earth rune  Earth rune 3.2M
5 Water rune  Water rune 2.9M
6 Death rune  Death rune 2.2M
7 Blood rune  Blood rune 1.6M
8 Spirit shards  Spirit shards 1.6M
9 Fire rune  Fire rune 814.1K
10 Flax  Flax 809.1K
11 Astral rune  Astral rune 683.2K
12 Mithril bolts  Mithril bolts 500.4K
13 Air rune  Air rune 441.9K
14 Soul rune  Soul rune 371.8K
15 Rune essence  Rune essence 294.5K
16 Law rune  Law rune 269.7K
17 Rune arrow  Rune arrow 239.6K
18 Diamond bolts (e)  Diamond bolts (e) 228.2K
19 Adamant bolts  Adamant bolts 185.9K
20 Nature rune  Nature rune 156.4K
21 Dragon dart  Dragon dart 148.6K
22 Iron ore  Iron ore 140.5K
23 Ruby bolts (e)  Ruby bolts (e) 132.2K
24 Magic potion (4)  Magic potion (4) 102.4K
25 Dragon arrow  Dragon arrow 96.4K
26 Chaos rune  Chaos rune 87.4K
27 Coal  Coal 83.3K
28 Pure essence  Pure essence 79.2K
29 Manta ray  Manta ray 77.6K
30 Shark  Shark 72.8K
31 Cannonball  Cannonball 71.1K
32 Runite bolts  Runite bolts 70K
33 Raw rocktail  Raw rocktail 66.3K
34 Adamant arrowtips  Adamant arrowtips 63.6K
35 Dragon bolts (e)  Dragon bolts (e) 63.6K
36 Cosmic rune  Cosmic rune 61.3K
37 Rune knife  Rune knife 56.6K
38 Yew logs  Yew logs 55.3K
39 Iron bolts  Iron bolts 50K
40 Body rune  Body rune 44.2K
41 Living minerals  Living minerals 41.6K
42 Armadyl rune  Armadyl rune 38.5K
43 Mind rune  Mind rune 35.9K
44 Magic logs  Magic logs 35.1K
45 Rocktail  Rocktail 34K
46 Cooked karambwan  Cooked karambwan 31.2K
47 Frost dragon bones  Frost dragon bones 30.2K
48 Snakeskin  Snakeskin 27.9K
49 Super restore (4)  Super restore (4) 26.3K
50 Rune dart  Rune dart 25.4K
51 Steel bar  Steel bar 24.5K
52 Dwarf remains  Dwarf remains 24.1K
53 Mithril seeds  Mithril seeds 23.1K
54 Oak logs  Oak logs 21.1K
55 Headless arrow  Headless arrow 20.6K
56 Bronze arrow  Bronze arrow 19.2K
57 Vial  Vial 17.4K
58 Saradomin brew (4)  Saradomin brew (4) 17.4K
59 Gold bar  Gold bar 16.1K
60 Dragon bolt tips  Dragon bolt tips 15.5K
61 Varrock teleport  Varrock teleport 15.1K
62 Rune bar  Rune bar 14.7K
63 Adamant bar  Adamant bar 14.3K
64 Diamond bolt tips  Diamond bolt tips 14.2K
65 Runite ore  Runite ore 13.7K
66 Prayer renewal (4)  Prayer renewal (4) 13.2K
67 Adamantite ore  Adamantite ore 12.6K
68 Dragon bones  Dragon bones 12.4K
69 Maple logs  Maple logs 11.5K
70 Magic focus scroll  Magic focus scroll 10.7K
71 Oak plank  Oak plank 10.5K
72 Mahogany pyre logs  Mahogany pyre logs 10.3K
73 Diamond  Diamond 9.9K
74 Hand cannon shot  Hand cannon shot 8.8K
75 Rune arrowtips  Rune arrowtips 8.8K
76 Ring of recoil  Ring of recoil 8.6K
77 Super attack (4)  Super attack (4) 8.4K
78 Vote Ticket  Vote Ticket 8.3K
79 Ranging potion (4)  Ranging potion (4) 7.9K
80 Limpwurt root  Limpwurt root 7.9K
81 Black dragonhide  Black dragonhide 7.9K
82 Trading sticks  Trading sticks 7.8K
83 Super strength (4)  Super strength (4) 7.8K
84 Mithril arrowtips  Mithril arrowtips 7.4K
85 Poisonous blast scroll  Poisonous blast scroll 7.2K
86 Bulging money bag  Bulging money bag 7K
87 Adamant arrow  Adamant arrow 6.5K
88 Raw karambwan  Raw karambwan 6K
89 Lobster  Lobster 5.5K
90 Onyx bolts (e)  Onyx bolts (e) 5.5K
91 Raw shark  Raw shark 5.4K
92 Combat potion (4)  Combat potion (4) 5.3K
93 Super restore (3)  Super restore (3) 5.3K
94 Phoenix necklace  Phoenix necklace 5.2K
95 Vial of water  Vial of water 4.7K
96 Super restore (2)  Super restore (2) 4.4K
97 Adamant dart tip  Adamant dart tip 4.2K
98 Clean snapdragon  Clean snapdragon 3.9K
99 Grimy toadflax  Grimy toadflax 3.8K
100 Willow logs  Willow logs 3.8K

Most Valued Items