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Gilded Dragon Pickaxe - 99 $

Gilded Dragon Pickaxe
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All Dragon Ornament Kits (sp) - 195 $

Dragon full helm ornament kit (sp)Dragon platelegs/skirt ornament kit (sp)Dragon platebody ornament kit (sp)Dragon sq shield ornament kit (sp)
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Partyhat & specs - 350 $

Partyhat & specs
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Promotion Info

SoulPlay promotions are a limited time offers featuring the rarest of all items for a short time. With these items you can be the richest and most fabulous person in-game. But hurry! The promotions are only here for a short time and they'll be gone before you know it!

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Next Week Items

Bunny Ears Third-age range topThird-age range legsThird-age range coifThird-age vambraces Santa Hat

In 2 Weeks

Sled Third-age druidic staffThird-age druidic cloakThird-age druidic wreathThird-age druidic robe topThird-age druidic robe Gilded Boots

In 3 Weeks

Blue Partyhat Third-age robe topThird-age robeThird-age mage hatThird-age amulet Red Partyhat

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